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about Jordan

My photographic journey started many years earlier when I received a box camera from my parents. There was an instant connection, with this camera and I, because I discovered a way to express what I saw and felt in my world, my sole, the colors, dark, light, shape, line, sadness, anger, happiness, success, failure, fear, and determination.


The process of visualizing an image and creating it photographically expresses what I see and feel in my world. This process will always be a personal high for me. I am always looking for the another inspiration. Explaining this creative process to somebody else may seem convoluted and mysterious, but natural for me.


Seeing and feeling an image and expressing that feeling visually is part of my DNA. After a number of years in the Army Security Agency, followed by Art Center College of Design, and a career in advertising photography all of which has formed how I see and how and what I express with my works.

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