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Hire a Real Estate Photographer in Charlotte

Lavelle Studio is a Charlotte-based real estate photographer; they know that quality images are essential in the market where 90% of customers are online. The Internet has provided so much information to buyers and sellers that some circles believe that the days “full-service brokers in real estate" are numbered. On the other hand, Lavelle Studio believes that the role of agents in helping people buy and sell homes is simply evolving rather than diminishing completely. Regardless of our future, one area that every listing agent needs to solve now is the quality of media used to promote homes and attract customers.

This blog article will discuss some very important differences. Advertisers selling homeowners, investors, and, in fact, anyone who wants to increase exposure to their property should do when hiring a photographer. "Well, where do we start?" I think it's a good time to mention that the most important qualification is not the brand of the camera a photographer use or how much it costs! Although new technology has advanced in what we can do in the field of photography, hardly eliminated the need for "very good fashion knowledge".

The equipment the photographer uses is secondary to what he can achieve with the equipment he owns. There are minimum standards, but as long as the photographer produces pictures that meet his standards, no matter how much they pay or how well they check their camera model. The important thing is that you know enough to communicate the "look" you are looking for and then you can ask the right questions to see if your prospect photo will be offered.

Below are some questions you might find valuable in your information gathering process:

Does your equipment allow you to capture a scene in the 16-24mm effective focal length range? Although the effective focal length differs depending on the camera, make sure the photographer is equipped to shoot somewhere close to this range. You need a wide angle lens to shoot small spaces often in indoors. However, the warning: going too far can create visual distortion of straight lines and "crumble" the center of the image. This is even more pronounced in cheap wide-angle lenses. It is important that a photographer not only has the opportunity to shoot in broad angles, but also know how to use it, and when it is not.

Do you do digital editing or post-processing to optimize the images?

It is important to know how the images will be processed or "retouched". Changing the size and adjusting the sharpness of the photo is, at a minimum, what needs to be done. Ideally, each image must be processed individually because the defects differ from one image to the other. Each photo has the potential to be even better than what comes directly from the camera. In some cases, considerably better. Whether you decide to do it or not, that's your call to which you choose to hire. You just know that competition in this area of digital photography is the real player of the gearbox.

Do you use supplemental, on-site lighting?

One of the most effective tools used by a real estate photographer is one of the most terrible add-on lights which is hard to master. A photographer who uses multiple external flashes (also known as strobes) and other uninterrupted light sources is capable of capturing scenes in a way that cannot be easily achieved by the only available light. Aspects such as clear views on windows evenly lit adjacent rooms, and consistent color patterns are complicated to grasp without any additional lighting. Photographers that show a high level of expertise in this field are considered to be a rare and valuable asset to their clients and partners.

Do you "Stage" the scenes or do you capture them "As-Is"?

Taking some time to do customizations on-site is a tedious and critical element to get the best possible picture. Whether or not the whole print is home or just a lower estimate, the ability to set the image allows the image to reach new potential. Remember, the exceptionally wide, crystal-clear view of the full room will still look overwhelming, though perhaps even more because it is now a mess in high def!

Do you include a website or virtual tour in addition to the photos?

Some photographers include a personalized custom website and a virtual tour link that displays their pictures in the high definition photo gallery, as well as in the presentation format. These sites can serve as a virtual MLS link, as well as a unique website that contains all the essential information about the property. If you need a complete set of online marketing, instead of just the pictures, it's a great solution.

What other types of services do you offer?

There is a lot more in real estate photography than in ultra wide angle photography. Twilight and dusk images, pole aerial photography, panoramas and lifestyle images, time lapse, creative light. Some photography services can provide all or part with pictures. Once you have collected enough information to understand the scope of the job each real estate photographer will provide, you can determine if your price reflects your value. Above all Lavelle, Studio offers a high-quality photo service.

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