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Trips To Jamaica

All together I have been to Jamaica five times in my life. I will talk about the time that I did everything new. This island has so many Heaven on earth views! It was my first time going to Hellshire Beach, Portmore, Kingston, little Dunn’s River, Portmore New Testament Church of God, Power of Faith International ministries, Karaoke, Hotel Casanova, Shopping, and a soccer game!

I went skating at Destiny Rink that has an upstairs outdoor skating rink. There is a nice view overlooking the city. It was a small rink, however pleasantly unique. Skating with Reggae music, and with the locals, was an amazing experience. Helpful hint: on certain nights, you only have like a two hours window to skate. If you think that you will skate all night, you will be escorted off of the floor lol! Destiny rink has events like Retro Thursday’s, and skating marathons!

All ages are welcomed, and at a reasonable price. You could tell the expert skaters who had been attending for decades!! It is truly a sight to see. You definitely want to make a stop in here, it is fun for the whole family!

In Arnett Gardens I had the absolute pleasure to go to a local soccer game!! The home team did win, which is always good! We were for sure looking like foreigners. We were the only ones in Jamaican colors, and attire. Everyone else…you got it, was in American looking clothes. But anyway, there were amazing mountains close by. There were clouds with lots of character, and very, very loud fans! The feel of being in another country, with fired up fans made me want to stay for several more games! It was like the Carolina Panthers smashing the Atlanta Falcons!! Again! Going to a soccer game should definitely be on your list when you are in Jamaica.

Portmore mall didn’t have hardly any Jamaican clothing to purchase. It was mainly all American!!! KFC & Burger King is like the big hang out! I’ll pass on that, I don’t even eat at either of these places in the USA! It is always nice seeing the local people, any place was worth seeing because it was all new to me. There is somewhat of a BBQ festival every weekend in Portmore. I think that we made it just about every night to get Black’s chicken at this local street scene. I promise you that anyone will be able to point you to Black’s Chicken.

As I was passing through I saw Hotel Casanova, I had to stop for the scenery. There was a beautiful tree that I have never seen before. This Hotel had the most beautiful sunset! It was a clean hotel, and pretty reasonable. If you do make sure that you are not walking at night, just saying be careful. Little Dunn’s River was very refreshing. It was a nice tucked away place from all of the hustle and bustle of the big Dunn’s River. One part of the river felt nice and cold, while other parts were soothing, and hot.

It is always good to give thanks to God for ALL of our blessings. These two churches are where you want to go to give your thanks with God’s people. You can’t go wrong by going to Portmore New Testament Church of God, and Power of Faith International ministries. Hellshire Beach was nice, and relaxing. There was food available at the beach, and horseback rides were inexpensive! If you get to Hellshire, you should go get a horseback ride on the beach, if only for the experience!

The outdoor Karaoke night was quite entertaining. I was hoping to hear more reggae music, but they were singing American songs. It was humorous to hear their accents, while singing all genres of oldies but goodies music. Make sure that you find out what nights that karaoke is being held. Get there early to get a good seat! At the Norman Manley Airport I was happy to be arriving, but sad to be leaving. It’s difficult to leave 24/7 fun to go back to reality.

If you haven’t been to Jamaica, it is a must. You can’t see everything at once in Jamaica, but when you see what you love there, enjoy it!!

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